Create a Squarespace site

that is a perfect reflection of you and your business

Download the free site build + launch checklist!

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and don’t know where to start with building a Squarespace site that attracts your ideal client 24/7?

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Download the free Site Build & Launch Checklist!

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If you’re stuck and frustrated trying to build a Squarespace site for your business, I’ll just say, gal, I totally get it! 

Fed up with trying to build an entire site with no help?
You’re not alone!


You want a website that is a perfect reflection of you and your business, which truly connecting with your ideal clients.

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You want your website to be a marketing machine that’s converting visitors into subscribers and clients daily.

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You know that you're missing out on new clients inquiries and bookings every day your site isn't created.

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You’re so over the stress and sobbing into your laptop!

You're ready for a website that markets your business for you 24/7.

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That’s why I’ve put together this free checklist to help you build + launch your site, so you can finally start creating your online home.

I don’t want you to be in the same spot 6 months from now!

So download the checklist already gal!

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I help the creative entrepreneurs just like you go from website-dreaming to website-launching, so you can get back to running your business, creating content and booking dreamy clients.

A few years ago I was clueless in the website building department. Domain? Blocks? Index pages? … Uhh, come again? I made it my mission to become an expert on Squarespace, and I did just that!

Now I run the go-to Squarespace blog which helps tens of thousands of Squarespace users every month

I also cracked the secret on building sites that connect with and convert ideal clients, so inquiries coming through my site are always from dream clients, and I can’t wait to show you how it’s done too!

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Download the free Site Build & Launch Checklist!

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