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You don't like showing people, especially potential clients, your current site because it's not at all where it should be and what you’ve been envisioning.

Sound familiar?
If so, you friend are in the right place!


An online course teaching you how to build a
Squarespace site that attracts your ideal clients 24/7!

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See the site Christian built! 


what students say

"Before Square Secrets I had a dozen or so unfinished websites that were never completed because I wasn't able to create the website I wanted.

I have been following Paige's life saving blog posts for a while now trying to get every bit of knowledge she has put out (freely) and when I heard she was teaching an 'ins-and-outs' Squarespace 'secrets' course I knew I had to jump on it!

I actually had the launch date marked in my calendar so I would forget!

I wasn't even concerned about the price because I knew that what ever information Paige would teach would be worth every penny!

I've take a few other Squarespace courses. So I was already familiar with some of the features but that's it. The other course taught me about the basic features, but not the "secrets" to manipulating the design that I envisioned.

Paige is super charming and has a great sense of humor! They way she teaches is fun and interactive and not a snooozeeeeeee!

Now, I can expect to make web design a full time job earning double my salary while staying at home in my sweatpants :)

- Christian Nondys Johnson


"Before Square Secrets I felt frustrated! I'd spent countless hours trying to DIY my site. I found the forums really frustrating and time consuming as I often wasn't able to find what I was looking for.

I'd been following Paige's blog posts for a while so I had no fears whatsoever about joining Square Secrets. In fact, I couldn't wait to start the course and only wish it had been around one year ago when I started my Squarespace journey; if that was the case I would have saved myself a tonne of time and stress!

Paige's content is delivered in a very fresh, lively and straight-forward way which makes getting up to speed on the platform very easy.

Now that I've done Paige's course, I also quite enjoy the process of building a site from scratch, so I see the course as a way to build an additional revenue stream."
- Melanie Osborne

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See the site Freya built! 

Before Square Secrets I was completely overwhelmed by all the bits and pieces of what to do and I just didn't know what to do first! I knew there must be a way to organize all the website things but knew it would take forever to work out. I didn't want my website to take forever. I wanted to be shown the best way and do it!

I bought the course without thinking twice as from Paige's extensive blogging, I trusted her expertise.

Now, I'm really proud of how clearly I can communicate to my clients what I do on my website. Square Secrets helped me create not just my website, but get my whole business and messaging in order!

Since the course, I've now found that people now trust my service completely before even speaking with me!

Joining Square Secrets was the best choice I have made for my business. It has made me fast forward about a year of messing around and making mistakes.

If you think it is some boring computer tech course, you are completely wrong. Paige makes everything funny, relatable and a total ease. I now feel a million times more confident with not just my website, but in myself too!

Before Square Secrets, I lacked the confidence of being a website designer, though I had taken the leap away from the 9-5, I was also hiding at home believing I wasn't good enough to actually do this... But thank goodness Square Secrets found its way to me and has given me not just the technical skills but the biggest confidence boost!"

- Freya Rose Tanner


"Before taking the course I wasn't sure that Square Secrets would be able to teach me much more than I already knew about Squarespace. (Spoiler alert: I was totally wrong!)

I am switching gears from accountant to web designer, and have had a slight lack of confidence in presenting myself as a designer.  I'm excited to show off my new site and confident that I can gain plenty of clients because my work will speak for itself.

I have taken many courses over the years, and this by far was the best value for the money.  I think about all of the content, the fact that it was step-by-step, so in detail, and how much I would've spent for say, a comparable college course. The cost of this course was so minimal compared to all of the great info received!

Now, I'm so excited to launch my Squarespace design business so that I can work from anywhere, on my schedule. I'm looking forward to moving away from boring accounting, to more creative design work!"
- Jennifer Bierds


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This course is taught by a Squarespace trained and approved instructor!


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Square Secrets-13.png