Join us in the Facebook group!

There’s some truly amazing entrepreneurs in this group of students and I am so excited for y'all to get to connect in our Facebook group! Everyone in the group is high-vibe and fabulous, and they're all hellah-talented creative entrepreneurs just like you!


Q+A Calls In The Group:

The Facebook group will also be the place where our live Q+A calls will take place!

Live Q+A call dates & times are mentioned in the pinned post at the top of the Facebook group so you can easily check when the next call is coming up, plus I’ll send ya reminder emails so you don’t miss out.

I highly suggest you come join us live for the calls because they're perfect for when you're stuck and scratching your head wondering 'how exactly does this lesson apply to me and my business?' 'I didn't really understand that lesson, I wonder if Paige can clarify?'

The Live Q+A calls are your time to get answer directly from me and chat about how all the bits you're learning in the course can apply to your specific business. If you can’t attend the call live, you can pre-submit questions and then watch the recording later on!


Group Deletion Date:

Our Facebook group will be available for 4 weeks and after that it will be deleted. The exact group deletion date will be mentioned in the pinned post in the group.

So be sure to get busy with the course content and leave any questions in the group for the next 4 weeks - let that serve as extra incentive for you to get that site done ASAP!

When the group is deleted, all recordings of the Q+A calls will be put inside the course for 1 year, so you’ve got plenty of time to catch the replays if you missed one.


Group Rules:

Of course, Facebook groups are only fun and beneficial if they’re not full of spammy posts and people advertising all the time, so we're def keeping that outside our FB group!

In order to keep the group a place we all truly want to hang out in, there's some rules you must abide by if you'd like to be part of the group. By requesting access to the Facebook group, you agree to abide by the following rules.

  • No promos. The Facebook group is not a place to sell to your fellow students. Do not promote your services or products in the group. No advertising or salsey posts encouraging purchasing anything from you, joining your list, following you on social media, etc.

  • No 'follow threads'

  • No 'mini blog posts'

  • Do not 'go live' in the group

  • No affiliate links

  • Be a positive member, this is a high-vibe group for people who want to build fellow students up and be an encouraging community member! There will be no tolerance for rude, negative, bullying or toxic energy posts and comments. You're allowed to be real with struggles and challenges, but please always follow it up with a lesson learned or something positive.

  • Help others twice as often as you ask for help. If you think down the line you might want feedback on your site, or help from the community, start building up those good karma points by helping others with their questions and struggles now!

  • If you meet someone through this group and decide to hire them, you do so at your own risk. I am not responsible for any loss of revenue, damages, breach of contract, or any other unfavorable situations as a result of that relationship.

Facebook Group Details:

  • The Facebook group is only available to paid members of the course. If you took the payment plan option, you must be in good standing with your payment plan to keep your place in the group.

  • The Facebook group is available for the 4 active weeks of the course, it will be deleted after the 4 weeks. (So if you meet your new bestie in the group, be sure sure to friend request them before then. Or if there's a post you want to refer back to, screenshots are your friend.)

  • The Facebook group is a free bonus, not part of the paid course. If Facebook changes its terms, it could limit my ability to keep the group available for students.

  • Need tech support?

    • Can do! Just know that the Facebook group isn't the place for it. If you're having trouble with getting access to course materials or the course portal, please email

    • If you're having Squarepace tech issues, please contact Squarespace support.

    • If you see a member mentioning a tech issue, please direct them to one of those two places mentioned above

  • If you break any of the group rules, you will be removed from the group right away. This isn't baseball, this is a 1 strike and you're out situation.

How to join the Facebook group:

If your Facebook name is the exact same as the name you registered for the course with...

(You will be approved at maximum within 2 business days.)

If your Facebook name is different than what you registered for the course with...

Please complete the form below first, and then request to be added to the group.

(You will be approved at maximum within 4 business days.)