Squarespace is kinda my thing…


Figuring out how to build your web design business all alone?

Yeah, that struggle bus is so not your thing.

But, you my friend are in the right place!

Paige Brunton - full time squarespace website designer and freelancer.jpg

You’re legit clueless on how to actually start building your web design business. Portfolio? Packages? Marketing strategy? Umm . . . help?!

You haven’t had the courage to actually call yourself a professional web designer yet. Designing sites is more just a thing you do in your free time.

You’re stalking all the big web designers online, and the comparison game is getting to you - hard! And overcoming your own self-doubt? Yep, that struggle is real.

You’re in a 9-5 which, to put it lightly, is sucking the life straight out of you.

You’re so over the corporate world. Working from home and setting your own schedule? Yeah, now that is more your thing!

You’re stressing over getting any client at the moment, let alone one of those dreamy, ideal client unicorns. How are other designers doing it?!


You’ve read blogs, listened to podcasts, downloaded all the freebies, and yet you’re still totally lost.

You’re trying to piece together how to start a web design business on your own with no help and it’s leading to massive overwhelm and confusion.

You wish someone would just take you by the hand and guide you through each step of the process in building your web design business.

Oh, and that you had a way you could just ask questions to someone who’s been there and understands your struggles when you need help!
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Imagine what it will feel like when you open your inbox and see your first booking inquiry from one of those fabulous, ideal clients!

Imagine working from home. Yep that’s right, bed, couch or super adorable home office, you can work from anywhere! Commute? That’s something the rest of the world deals with, but not you!

Imagine doing creative work daily that you actually enjoy that puts your design eye and skills to good use.

working from home in bed.jpg
Vacations to Santorini, Greece.jpg

Imagine having a job that works around your life, and not the other way around.

10 AM dentist appointment? I’ll take it! Picking up the kids from school at 2 PM? I’ll be there!

Imagine taking a vacation any darn day or week you please, and never having to ask permission!

Imagine bringing in additional income for yourself and your family, all while doing something creative you L.O.V.E!


You’re ready to become a Squarespace website designer but you’ve got questions!

“How do I create a portfolio without any clients?”

“I don’t have degree in tech, how will I get anyone to take me seriously as a web designer?”

“How the heck do I price my services and create packages?”

Squarespace website designers home office .jpg

I’ve totally been there…

I know, there can be a lot of questions and confusion if you’re hoping to be a web designer but haven’t ever done anything like this before.

If you don’t have a plan to follow, it can be easy to waste time spinning your wheels, get distracted by the little things, and never end up with a legit web design business.

Without guidance and support, it can be difficult to make any progress at all!

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Let me just say, I so get it!

That’s why I’ve created my step by step course,
Square Secrets Business!

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Square Secrets Business Logo.png

A complete Squarespace web design business blueprint.

Business strategy ✓ Marketing plan ✓ Processes ✓ Systems ✓ Confidence

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You bring the web design skills.

I’ll bring you a complete business strategy that will have you ready to begin working with clients and bringing in 💰


“Now, I can expect to make web design a full time job earning double my salary while staying at home in my sweatpants :)”

- Christian Nondys Johnson


“Building websites brings many of my interests and talents together so designing beautiful sites for creative women is a perfect blend of what I love to do. Learning from Paige has really positioned me to start my design business confidently and with an excellent foundation.

Now, I plan on designing Squarespace websites as my main income source.

I definitely have learned so much more than I imagined and this has encouraged me to increase my web design rates.

I feel much more experienced and ready to take on new and unique projects. Paige’s desire to really help others is so very authentic that I knew the course would be outstanding.”

- Deb Mantel

Squarespace Square Secrets student.png

This course is taught by me, Paige, a Squarespace trained and approved instructor!


Your life before the course:

  • You’re stressing daily, wondering how the heck you’re going to attract clients

  • You’re nervous about what the heck you’re supposed to do next when you actually do land a client

  • You’re stuck in the comparison game, spending hours looking at other designers and wondering if you really have what it takes

  • You’re totally outside your comfort zone when it comes to building a business. Processes and systems? Yeah, those are not things you have right now


Your life after the course:

  • You’ve nailed a system for attracting clients and it’s working like a well-oiled machine

  • You have a super clear game plan to walk through with each and every client. You know it so well that you could go through it in your sleep

  • You know exactly what you need to be doing every day of the week and you’re hard at work implementing a strategy to grow your business

  • You have perfected processes and systems in place that allow you to work in your area of genius and not get caught up reinventing the wheel for every client

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Here’s what you’ll get…

Square Secrets-39.png

6 Square Secrets Business modules

Square Secrets-34.png

12+ hours of video lessons

Square Secrets-41.png

4 done-for-you templates

workbooks and checklists.png

6 workbooks and checklists

Square Secrets-38.png

Access to the Q&A vault

Square Secrets-36.png

Future tech tutorial updates

Square Secrets-42.png

Trusted system recommendations

Square Secrets-37.png

15+ recommended resources

Square Secrets-40.png

4 bonus trainings

more deets below!


I'm literally handing you an exact business game plan packaged up in a super pretty box.

• A start to finish plan

• Couldn't-be-simpler tutorials

• Fill-in-the-blank resources

• Done-for-you templates
paige0453 copy.jpg
square secrets business module 1 mockup.png

Module 1: Business foundations

  • What you really need to know about picking a niche and differentiating yourself in the Squarespace website design world

  • How to deal with the chicken and egg of needing a portfolio to get clients but needing clients to make a portfolio

  • How to strategically build a portfolio that will attract the exact type of clients you want to work with

  • How to design a completely customized web design process that serves both your clients and your life

  • How to create packages that fit both with your area of genius and your clients’ needs perfectly (setting boundaries around what’s included and what’s not)

  • The exact formula to price your services for both the value you provide and to support your life and business

Square Secrets-09.png
square secrets business module 2 mockup.png

Module 2: Finding clients

  • What you really need to know about short-term strategies to get clients now and long-term strategies for getting clients to come to you consistently over time

  • The pros and cons of common marketing strategies

  • How to pick the one strategy for landing clients that serves your unique life situation and talents

  • Listen in on guest expert interviews with the big names in Squarespace web design + online business on exactly how they nailed their chosen marketing strategy, and how you can replicate their success

taught with guest experts

Promise Guest expert in Square Secrets Business.jpg

Promise Tangeman

from golivehq.co

Shay Guest expert in Square Secrets Business.jpg

shay Orlena Brown

from bucketlistbombshells.com

Kadie Guest expert in Square Secrets Business.jpg

Kadie smith

from dropcapdesign.com

Rebecca Guest expert in Square Secrets Business.jpg

Rebecca Tracey

from theuncagedlife.com

Nesha Guest expert in Square Secrets Business.jpg

Nesha woolery

from neshawoolery.com

Hester Guest expert in Square Secrets Business.jpg

Hester Aba

from delilahcreative.com

Erica Guest expert in Square Secrets Business.jpg

erica hartwick

from bigcatcreative.com

Charlotte Guest expert in Square Secrets Business.jpg

charlotte o’hara

from charlotteohara.com

square secrets business module 3 mockup.png

Module 3: Locking down sales

  • My exact rinse and repeat process for holding free consult calls that book clients and the questions you need to ask right away to save yourself serious headaches down the road

  • The red flags to look out for on a consult call to save yourself from working with the cray cray clients

  • You landed a client, YAY! … Now what?! Exactly the steps to take once your potential client says ‘yes!’

  • The tech of collecting payments and signing contracts lightening fast, so you never lose a sale because of a clunky system

  • The one magical file you need to send to make your client think ‘darn, I made a great decision!’ and keep your project on track

  • A behind-the-scenes look at how to use a CRM to automate this entire sales process

Square Secrets-09.png
square secrets business module 4 mockup.png

Module 4: Designing sites for clients

  • Exactly how a killer on-boarding process works, including the steps and tech to make it all happen as simply and quickly as possible

  • How to tweak the web design process when designing for clients as opposed to yourself

  • The practical tech considerations you need to make when creating sites for others (accounts, logins and passwords, picking plans, etc.)

  • How to set boundaries and collect client feedback in a way that doesn’t make you crazy

  • A behind-the-scenes look at an off-boarding process which makes your client feel cared for, eliminates back and forth emails and gets you an on-time final payment

  • The vital key steps you need to take to keep your project on schedule and complete it on time, every time.

square secrets business module 5 mockup.png

Module 5: Long-term business success

  • Done-for-you templates and repeatable processes so you can do less busy work and more design work!

  • A plug and play finance tracking system so you always know your numbers and don’t have a panic attack come tax time

  • Exactly how to pay yourself a consistent salary even when your business income is all over the place

  • Designing your week to balance design work, marketing tasks, internal projects and business tasks

Square Secrets-09.png
square secrets business module 6 mockup.png

Module 6: Legal & taxes

  • The 2 things you really need to do from day 1

  • The bits you definitely want in your client contract

  • Business insurance. What it is and why it’s a good idea

  • What you need to know about taxes

  • How to get help from the legal and tax experts who understand creative, online businesses

Taught with guest experts

Paige guest expert in square secrets.jpg

Paige Hulse

Attorney from shopcreativelaw.com

morgan de klerk

Accountant from mdkservices.co


Lemme just channel my inner Oprah for a minute ... 

"... did I hear someone say bonuses?"

Here's the included freebies!

Square Secrets course community facebook group.png

course community

Square Secrets-24.png

four live Q&A calls


ideal client psychology training

10 email script templates

Square Secrets-43.png

start-finish client process template

ideal client magnet training.png

SS Circle + Authorized Trainer Guide

Square Secrets-27.png

Customizable client package template


Haven’t taken the original
Square Secrets yet?


Square Secrets is my signature step-by-step course that teaches you how to build a client-winning website from start to finish. If you’re not 100% confident with Squarespace yet, or want to learn the secret hacks and hidden features, this course is for you!

And you’re in luck, my friend! If you buy the bundle of both courses, you’ll save a pretty penny!

course+glamor+shot (1).png
Square Secrets-07.png

You’ll also get support in an awesome community of aspiring web designers


Private Class Facebook Group:
You’ll be supported and be able to support your fellow students inside the private community Facebook group.

Live Group Q&A Office Hour Calls:
You’ll also have a chance to ask me your questions directly during our 4 weekly live calls in the group.

You’ll have access to a community of your classmates, but to be clear this is not a 1-1 coaching program.

Twigy's Home Office Collection-2 copy.jpg

“Before taking Paige’s course, I lacked the confidence of being a website designer. I was also hiding at home believing I wasn't good enough to actually do this.

Now, I've found that people trust my services completely before even speaking with me!”

- Freya-Rose Tanner


“I’ve really transformed my confidence with my clients and that alone is priceless.

I also went to a photography conference this weekend and I was asked to speak about website design! It was incredible. I wasn't prepared to speak... but I WAS prepared because of all the things I learned in your class.”

- Chanel Wells-Henderson



Complete the course lessons from your bed or the closest Starbs. As long as you have an internet connection, you’re good to go!

The entire course is completely online so you can access it from anywhere through our private course portal.

And you'll never miss a beat, you can go at your own pace and do the lessons on your schedule.

You have lifetime access to all the course materials, so it's totally up to you to choose whatever schedule serves your life and your business best.
Paige working on new business plans and courses.jpg


The honest answer is, it all depends on you, your current situation and how much time you can find every week to do the work. Most students can complete all of the module content in 4 weeks by spending 3-4 hours per week on it.

Others with heavier schedules might take a few extra weeks. But I want you to know that there is no rush and no right or wrong amount of time.

You have access to the course and all future updates for life, so no need to stress!

Remember, this course isn't by any means a "quick fix". This course is an in-depth program that teaches you an exact business blueprint to run a business that supports your ideal lifestyle.

Worth the initial time investment, right?

Paige Brunton in a cafe working on her squarespace business.jpg

 Is this you?

"well, uh, life is kinda busy right now..."

I hear you! Buttt . . . there’s never been a better time to start building sites for clients!

Why start today instead of waiting another 6 months to a year for enrollment to open again?

There are 27 million small businesses in the USA alone.

And do you know how many of them still don’t have a website?


That means there’s a potential of 12.6 million web design clients out there for you!

And that’s in the USA alone, not to mention the entire rest of the world market.

Plus, how long have you already been toying with the idea of offering web design services?


How long have you been unhappy with the the type of work you’re doing right now in your 9-5? Months? ...Years?!

If you wait, you’ll be in exactly the same place you are right now. 6 months from now, you’ll wish you had taken the leap and started today!


“Is this right for me?”

You’re a perfect fit for Square Secrets Business if . . .

  • You love designing Squarespace websites and have some serious website building skills! (Still need help with this? Click here!)

  • You are dreaming of offering Squarespace web design services to clients

  • Action-taker is your middle name. Given an exact blueprint, you’re eager to implement, willing to move mountains when you hit a challenge, and make things happen!

  • You’re ready to ‘yes’ to opportunities, push yourself outside your comfort zone and be brave enough to begin working with clients

REAL New Brand Mood + Color-88.png

This course will NOT be a good fit for you if . . .

  • You’re not quite confident in your web design skills yet. (Square Secrets would be a better fit for you right now - click here for details!)

  • You like designing websites for yourself but don’t really want to work with clients on their sites

  • You have a hard time following through and taking action

  • You sit pretty firmly within your comfort zone and are not so into stepping outside it to begin something new

Squarespace website designer.jpg

“What if I’m not 100% confident in my Squarespace web design skills yet?”

Not to worry, I can help with that! My original Square Secrets course teaches all the Squarespace tech, hidden hacks, design best practices and site strategy.

If you want to be hellah-confident in the website building department and improve your web design skills, Square Secrets is the place to start!

Once you’re confident in your web design skills, this course, Square Secrets Business is your next step where I hand you an exact business blueprint so you can get your business strategy, marketing, processes and systems nailed so you can begin working with clients!

If you feel that both Square Secrets and Square Secrets Business would serve you, you can buy them in a bundle today and save!


“I’ve already taken a course and built some sites. Will Square Secrets teach me more than what I already know?”

If you’re considering buying the bundle of both courses, but are unsure if Square Secrets will teach you more than you already know, then I’m going to let past Square Secrets students tell you their experience! These students were in your exact same situation, so they’ll be the best to give you an answer.

“Before joining Square Secrets I wasn't sure that the course would be able to teach me much more than I already knew.  (Spoiler alert: I was totally wrong!)”
- Jennifer Bierds

“(Before taking Square Secrets I had a Squarespace site and had taken another Squarespace course but) I felt like I was lacking information about Squarespace customization. The other course I took that touched upon Squarespace website design was extremely elementary and only included the basics. This course really opened my eyes to just how much you can do with Squarespace that I didn't realize was possible.”
- Taylor

“I've take a few other Squarespace courses, so I was already familiar with some of the features. The other course taught me about the basics, but not the "secrets" to manipulating the design that I envisioned.
- Christian

“Since I had built a few websites and I knew a good amount of basic Squarespace design, so I wasn't sure if I needed Square Secrets but I am soooo glad that I took this course. Paige's course taught me so many things I didn't even know existed!
- Deb Mantel

Apple mouse and keyboard on white background.jpg

Course release schedule

Our first live Q+A call will take place on Wed. Dec. 5th at 11 AM (Eastern Time)

Square Secrets-55.png

Business Foundations

available immediately



available immediately


Locking down

available 12/3


Designing sites for clients

available 12/10


Long-term business success

available 12/17

Square Secrets-60.png

& taxes

available 12/24


Remember, you have lifetime access to SSB,
so there’s no time pressure to finish by a certain date!


By the end of Square Secrets Business you’ll have:

✓ A solid strategy for creating your client-winning portfolio

✓ Pricing and packages decided upon that fit your ideal clients perfectly

✓ A complete marketing strategy, tailored to your life and business, for bringing in clients in the short and long term

✓ A totally unique web design process that both you and your clients LOVE!

✓ The tech side of your systems and processes set up and ready to run on autopilot

✓ A solid finance system in place so you can quickly and easily track your numbers as you bring in the Benjamins!

✓ The knowledge of exactly what you need to do to keep the legal and tax folks happy
Background images.jpg
Squarespace website designer paige.jpg

You have a choice friend.

You can stay right where you are. Alone. Stuck. Frustrated.

Or, you can…

get the guidance and support you need from someone who has been in your shoes and has built a successful Squarespace web design business.

Enroll in Square Secrets Business, skip the years of trial and error and start working with web design clients right away!

You can keep scouring the internet for all the free resources but still feel confused about how it all fits together.

Or, you can get the step-by-step process, tools and an exact blueprint for success handed right to you. Think about where you want to be six months from now. . . Heck, think about where you want to be just one month from now!

Do you have a step-by-step system in place for how to get there?

If you’re ready to stop messing around and get serious about your future as a web designer, then Square Secrets Business is going to be the online course which changes everything for you.


Your web designer success story starts right now!

I’ll see you on the inside friend.


Haven’t taken the original
Square Secrets yet?


Square Secrets is my signature step-by-step course that teaches you how to build a client-winning website from start to finish. If you’re still new to Squarespace, or want to learn some new cool tricks, this course is for you!

And you’re in luck, my friend! If you buy both courses, you’ll score a sweet discount!

course+glamor+shot (1).png
Square Secrets-07.png

This course is taught by a Squarespace trained and approved instructor!


“But, I haven’t ever run a business or designed things for clients before . . . ”

I really truly believe that you have it in you to build and run a web design business! How do I know that’s possible? I know ‘cause I’ve done it myself, and I’m no unicorn.

I had no special advantages. I had no education on building a business or designing websites. I didn’t have any amazing connections and I never had anything go viral.

Paige Brunton, Squarespace designer and educator

Want to know how I started? I had moved abroad to be with my German boyfriend and was working a part-time job as an English speaker at a bilingual kindergarten.

But what I really wanted to do was to work with dream clients full-time in my web design business that was just a side hustle at that point.

My classmates from university were out working legit jobs in our field and I was reading English books to 3 year olds.

I knew I was capable of so much more but there I was wiping up toddlers pea soup from the floor.

I knew I had so much more to offer the world and the words, “What the hell am I doing with my life?” definitely left my mouth on multiple occasions.

So I have to ask, is some of what I was feeling then what you’re feeling right now too?

  • That your ‘real’ job is a distraction from what you really want to do?

  • That you’re meant for more impact in this world?

  • That the corporate world: the schedule, the commute, the bosses and the pay, just aren’t good enough for you?

If that sounds like you, then stick with me friend ‘cause I have good news! If you can build a website, there’s a whole bunch of clients out there that desperately need what you offer!

I made this course just for you, and I can’t wait to see you make this into a job you truly love too. I went from kindergarden teacher to full-time web designer making 6 figures and I have a funny feeling that if you put in the work, you can make similarly amazing things happen in your life too!

Plus, you’ll be so much better off than me. I wish this course existed when I started!


“But, can I really make income out of this?”

What I’m teaching in this course is the exact strategy of what I did to build my business which has enjoyed 10k months purely from my one-on-one web design services.

While this is an example of what is possible, I promise no specific income or financial results from taking this course because results have everything to do with implementation!

Why? A fabulous game plan left gathering dust on a shelf sure won’t make it start raining dolla dolla bills anytime soon.

For the students who take this program and put in the work, my hope is that they make back their course investment with their very first client!

If you do the math on what web design services normally go for ($2,000 for a small 5 page site is the norm I’m seeing from other Squarespace web designers online these days), you’ll see that that result is very possible.

Other students who don’t implement a thing will have very different results, so just know that you are the only person who can guarantee your success and results!

Can I just say though that I’m already so looking forward to the day the emails hit my inbox from past students telling me that they made back their course investment with their first client! My question is, will that person be you?!

Twigy's Home Office Collection-35.jpg

But, I haven’t taken the original Square Secrets yet . . .”

No worries, tell me which of the following options sound the most like you, and either way I’ve got a solution for you!

Option 1:

  • You’re confident with the Squarespace platform and able to build fab sites on it.

  • You know your ideal client avatar.

  • You either have built or have the knowledge to build your own web designer website, including the functionality of setting up consult call appointments with Acuity.

If that’s you, you’ll be fine to hop into this course right away without taking the original Square Secrets. Excited to see ya inside the course!

Option 2:

  • You’ve used Squarespace before but wouldn’t say you’re really super confident with it. There’s things on this website you wouldn’t be sure how to create in Squarespace.

  • You haven’t quite nailed down an ideal client avatar you love.

  • You don’t have your own website yet and/or you aren’t quite sure how to set up booking consult calls in Acuity.

If that’s you, getting into the original Square Secrets will really be super beneficial and set you up for success in this course.



money back guarantee badge.png

I wholeheartedly believe in the Square Secrets Business course, so I want you to feel confident in trying it out for yourself! That's why I have a 7 day money-back guarantee!

I want to give you the opportunity to take my methods and strategies for a test-drive, but I also want you to give your very best effort to apply all of the teachings in the Square Secrets course.

If at the end of 7 days you have decided that Square Secrets isn't the right fit for you for whatever reason, then your investment will be refunded to you.

Let’s be clear though, Square Secrets is a course for the go-getters who are ready to get after it and are excited to do the work involved with building a website!

My goals is for you to create a website that is a perfect reflection of you and your business. I’ll give you the strategies, methods and tech trainings, and you friend are responsible to follow through on doing the work! 

pencil and sharpener.jpg

What happens when I buy?

what happens after you enroll-make your payment.jpg

1. Make your payment

what happens after you enroll-create student login

2. Create student login

what happens after you enroll-access course curriculum.jpg

3. Access course

4. Get your learnin' on! 🤓

Paige Brunton - Square Secrets course instructor.jpg

I help aspiring Squarespace website designers turn that dream of running their own successful business into a reality!

I love nothing more than helping you build a business that supports you in a lifestyle you freaking love!

A few years ago I was just another newbie Squarespace designer clueless about starting my own business.

How do I find clients? Take payments? Gather content? Create a client experience that knocks socks off?

Now, 10k/month is my norm, my calendar is booked out months in advance, ideal clients beg me to squeeze in their project, and I’ve racked up a perfect record of 5 star client reviews.

I spent years working on trying to figure out how to build a successful Squarespace web design business, and now I’m giving you the exact blueprint so you can do the same - without all the trial and error!


Oh, and I also just so happen to be one of the very first Squarespace Authorized Trainers! So you know you're in good hands. 🤓

Square Secrets-48.png
Square Secrets-32.png

+ When does the course start and finish?

The course starts the minute you enroll! Modules 1 + 2 will be waiting for you right when you enroll. Modules 3 - 6 will be released weekly starting on Dec. 3rd.

Remember though, you can go at this at whatever pace serves your life best because you have access to the course materials for life!

+ How long do I have access to course materials?

All course content is available to you year-round, for life!

+ What is the time commitment per week?

I’d suggest setting aside 3-4 hours a week to go through the course content. Going at that pace, most students will complete the course in 4 weeks!

+ What tech-wise do I need for the course?

You basically just need one thing, a solid internet connection. (If your connection at home runs at snail speed, take this as an opportunity to go swing by Starbs and indulge in one of their desserts-in-a-cup.)

+ Do I need to buy anything else?

In the course, I’ll show you tutorials with the exact programs and resources (CRM, file storage, project management system, legal templates, etc.) that I use in my web design business and recommend. Some of these are paid, some are free.

You can by all means complete the course without purchasing anything additional, though you might just find that a few of these additional systems really are worth the money to make your business run on autopilot and that you’d like to invest in them.

+ Do I get 1 on 1 access to you?

This is a group course, not a 1 on 1 program.

The great thing about a group program is that there’s a Facebook community with aspiring designers just like you working on the exact same materials, so you can lean on the knowledge and expertise of your fellow students.

For the 4 active weeks of the course however, I invite you to ask me your questions directly during our live Q&A calls in the Facebook group. (If you can’t make the call live, you can send in your questions in advance, and I’ll answer them on the Q&A video for you to watch later.)

After the 4 active weeks of the course, I won’t be available to answer your questions. (Take that as a little extra incentive to get the work done on time!)

+ Can I email/message you with questions?

Need help with the course portal or having trouble accessing the course materials? Send that email on over!

Have a question on the course content or questions specific to your site? Save those for the live Q&A calls where we can have a conversation and I can give you an answer tailored to your business.

+ I have no experience in tech or business. . .

Want to know my experience prior to running my web design business?

I have two degrees in Recreation and Leisure. Yep, that’s right I studied play for 6 years. I never once took a tech class in school. I’ve never worked a full-time corporate 9-5 job in my life. I was fresh out of university when I got started.

Now, I run a 6 figure web design business that has a perfect record of 5 star client reviews.

What I’ve learned is that clients don’t care about some professional web design resume or degree. What they do care about is that their web designer is reliable, takes good care of them and creates great websites.

If you can do that, then tech degrees, certifications and fancy resumes aren’t necessary.

And to be honest, the people out there studying IT for years are custom developing apps and complex websites for corporations, not working with the bakery on the corner or your hairdresser down the road.

But those small businesses still need website help, and you can be the person to help them!


Fab question. I created Square Secrets Business (SSB) because so many Square Secrets (SS) students were asking about how to make use of their new Squarespace skills and work with clients.

So think of this course as the perfect next step after Square Secrets.

It’s not mandatory to take SS before SSB because I know there are people out there with the SS stuff already nailed and I don’t want to take away the opportunity to get in SSB from them.

To succeed in SSB you should however be confident with the following which the SS course covers:

1) Know your ideal client avatar

2)Confidently know the Squarespace platform and be able to build fab sites on it

3)Have built or have the knowledge to build your own web designer website, including the functionality of setting up consult call appointments with Acuity

If that sounds like you and you just want help with the business side of things, feel free to join SSB right away!

If you aren’t fully confident with your Squarespace and web design skills yet, then you can buy the bundle of SS & SSB together and save!

There is no overlap in the two courses, as this course was built specifically with past SS students in mind.


Literally, I made this just for you! So heck yes! I can’t wait to show you exactly how to take your fabulous Squarespace and site design skills and put them to use with clients so you can bring in some extra income!


Nope! This course was created specifically with past SS students in mind, so there’s intentionally no overlap between the two courses. Think of SSB as the perfect next step after SS.


All good, my first course Square Secrets (SS) helps with just that! You can buy the bundle of SS & SSB together and save!


This course was created for those who already have website building knowledge down and who want to get the business side figured out so they can start working with clients.

If that sounds like you, then YES, this is absolutely the course you want to get in on!


If you want to create websites just for yourself and not clients, then this course won’t be the right fit for you.


Heck yes, we’d love to have you join! As long as you don’t mind seeing a little pink inside the course, rest assured that we’ve had many male students go through our courses and we would be super pleased to have you join us as well!


Let me say that I get it because I’ve also made some hellah-scary investments in my business in the past too. And you know what? Every single time, the educational resources, courses and programs I’ve invested in have ended up on my end-of-year reflection ‘time and money well spent’ lists.

Here's what past students have said about the investment in my courses in their own words:

“I'd like to say that I would have happily paid more for your course. It is dripping with value.” - Lee

"I have taken many courses over the years, and this by far was the best value for the money. The cost of this course was so minimal compared to all of the great info received!" - Jennifer

"I've bought a lot of online courses and this was definitely one of the best!" - Mary

"Worth every penny!" - Christian


Enrollment is only open once or twice a year, so if you’re thinking of joining, you really do NOT want to drag your feet on this one.


If you're unhappy with your purchase you may request a refund within 7 days.


This Black Friday sale is the lowest price the course will EVER be, the price will be increasing to it's normal price next enrollment. If you want the best possible price, enroll now.


Square Secrets is meant to help you go from clueless > confident in the Squarespace website building department. It covers every important aspect of building sites that convert visitors into clients, so that includes both the tech as well as the design best practices, website strategy, etc.

Square Secrets Business is meant to help you take those fabulous website design skills and turn them into a business. SSB is for those who want to earn money working with clients and have a complete business system handed right to them. It covers business foundations, marketing, systems and processes.


This course was created as the perfect next step after my Square Secrets (SS) course. It’s not mandatory to take SS before this course, but if you decide to join, you should be confident with the info taught in SS.

To succeed in SSB you should be confident with the following that the SS course covers:

1)Know your ideal client avatar

2)Confidently know the Squarespace platform and be able to build fab sites on it

3)Have built or have the knowledge to build your own web designer website, including the functionality of setting up consult call appointments with Acuity

If that sounds like you and you just want help with the business side of things, feel free to join SSB right away!

If you aren’t fully confident with your Squarespace and web design skills yet, then you can buy the bundle of SS & SSB together and save!


This is all up to you! I cannot promise any specific income or financial results to students because results depend on implementation! I can give students a blueprint, but without taking action, a blueprint gathering dust on a shelf won’t bring in any income.

I can say however that what I’m teaching in this course is the exact strategy of what I did to build my business which has enjoyed 10k months purely from my web one-on-one design services. While this is an example of what is possible, I give no guarantee for any particular financial outcome based on the completion of this course, because success has everything to do with you putting in the work and taking action!


Haven’t taken the original
Square Secrets yet?


Square Secrets is my signature step-by-step course that teaches you how to build a client-winning website from start to finish. If you’re still new to Squarespace, or want to learn some new cool tricks, this course is for you!

And you’re in luck, my friend! If you buy both courses, you’ll score a sweet discount!

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